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Irvan Prasetya

Dear, sir / madam

Good day to you,

We, PT. CAHAYA VANDA ABADI MARINE, one of the manning agency who has the passion to contribute and secure the recruitment of the professional manpower of seafarers, for the foreign shipping companies all over the world and also included the domestic shipping companies.

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Dear, sir / madam

Good day to you,

With more than 7 years experience in this industry, PT. CAHAYA VANDA ABADI MARINE has assembled a team of professionals to fulfill our goal of connecting ship owners, operators and managers with highly skilled human resources.

For information, our company has MLC 2006 certificate which is issued by Lloyd Register, Statement No. JKA. 1700111 and also ISO 9001 -2015 Certificate in recognition of the organization's Quality Management System . Our company also have finished audit by the authority government for the Manning’s license’s issued by the Minister of Sea Communication (as attached)

Our Principals are equipped with dedicated crew and crew officers who understand your company profile, management system and requirements. By implementing strict screening and selection procedures, we strive to ensure that only the most competent sailors are employed according to the Principal's requirements. We are able to master all types, in all levels, in different countries, efficiently and competitively. The added value of our Manning crew includes but is not limited to:
• Deployment
• Crew planning & rotation
• Crew salary and payroll administration services
• Arrange documents and visas of different flag States
• Pre-join medical and medical assistance for the crew
• Crew travel (air and surface)
• Crew training and courses in accordance with international requirements
• In-house training in self-training facilities and courses tailored to the needs of the Client
• Provision of competent officers and crews
• We provide warranty for ship owner, every crew we send. So the crew that we send we emphasize to finish contract.

· PT. CAHAYA VANDA ABADI MARINE also serves the sale and purchase of ships. leases and service ships , refueling and logistics throughout the port of Indonesia. Crew retention is a major problem facing the highly competitive shipping industry. Working closely with our principal PT. CAHAYA VANDA ABADI MARINE has achieved and maintained excellent crew retention results. Our attention and support for their sailors, their families and their welfare, our training centers that improve the quality of our seafarers, as well as our continuous improvement of our management system, ensure the smooth supply of skilled human resources. We sincerely hope you will cooperate with our company.

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Mr. Irvan Prasetya
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